Cross America Financial – Case Study

The Challenge


Cut hardware costs and upgrade current infrastructure for a low price


Perform a network audit and find gap in security

On-going Maintenance

Once everything was audited, CAF wanted a proactive maintenance plan

The Problem

After moving into their current location, Cross America Financial reached out to NetData with the hopes of cutting IT costs, specifically on hardware. They were spending money on hardware to connect to secure systems for their own clients, and at the expense of a new computer per client/system, it was becoming quite expensive. Users working remotely were also a concern for CAF, and after doing an audit, NetData found major security flaws in the system. Finally, with a new server just recently installed, CAF didnt want to invest in money on additional unneeded equipment.

The Solution

By providing an ongoing maintenance agreement, NetData was able to focus on all aspects of the network for Cross America Financial. Auditing the network, we documented a proper naming scheme for computers, found all the licensing associated with security and applications, and finally, we helped Cross America save money on buying unnecessary hardware for their business processes.

Setting up a backup solution with offsite backups was made possible by repurposing multiple servers in their environment. After securing the network and setting up the backups, NetData constantly maintains the system at CAF with an ongoing maintenance agreement. For the past 2 years, CAF has been a proud member of the NetData family.